Branding Tips For You Or Your Business

Branding Tips For You Or Your Business

Branding is essential to be successful in this world.  If you’re reading this blog, it means that you are still looking, and that your brand is in the early stages.  So here are my thoughts.

Your brand is what your logo represents, but it’s more than just your logo.  If you already got your logo done, then you must already be on your way.  That’s great!  Your brand is what sells you. And when I say “you”, I mean you or your business. Your brand makes you memorable. It’s not copyable and don’t be a copy cat and do what others are doing. That’s the easy way out and in the end, it will not be met with success.  Branding has to be your unique thing.  Here are a few tips:

1.     There is a story to your business.  Find it.  Elaborate on it.  Share it.  And share it in every piece of advertising you put out.

2.     Research who your clients are.  Find out what they like, and see if you or your product would be of interest to them.  Interview people who are doing what you’re planning on doing (you’ll surely have to give them a non-disclosure agreement, which you can find online; and then make sure you don’t copy them!).  No kidding.  I have a friend whose business got copied, and believe me, it was hard for her to deal with the competition and the unfairness of it!  You wouldn’t want anyone doing that to you!

3.     Find out where to direct your ads. Where would your clients go to find you? On social media, on Google, on Amazon, direct sales, retail, wholesale?

4.     Who is your competition?  What are the successful ones doing?   What could you do that would be more successful than theirs?  What are they missing?  Be a Sherlock Holmes and discover stuff that most people don’t see.

5.    Be audacious! There’s a saying, “Fortune smiles at the audacious.”  Develop confidence in your brand and love it.  Spread it.  Talk about it with everyone you meet. It’s exciting!