My Favorite Photographers

I have a list of my favorite photographers whose sites I go to when I need inspiration.  I share it with you all and  I highly recommend these pros to any photographer wanting to expand his or her horizons and get inspired to create and come up with new ideas.   I have included their sites so you can go and check out their work.

Colin Anderson is a long time favorite of mine.  He does conceptual composite photography.  Fabulous work.  His Facebook page is unbelievable: and his site is:

Erik Almas is another one I am inspired by.  His images are highly composited.  Brilliant. His site is:

Jim Erickson is one I just adore. His lighting is superb (he Photoshops heavily; I know because I am in touch with a retoucher who has worked for him). He has a site called “Jim Erickson – A Man Inspired”, and his site is:

Braden Summers is one who uses color intensively.  He uses deep, saturated colors, which I love.  His site is:

Trinette Reed is a friend of mine and I really love her work.  I emulated her years ago until I found my own way, and I love her look. She often uses desaturated colors and beauty is her thing. She specializes in high end spas.  Check out her site at: