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Branding Tips For You Or Your Business

Branding is essential to be successful in this world.  If you're reading this blog, it means that you are still looking, and that your brand is in the early stages.  So here are my thoughts. Your brand is what your logo represents, but it's more than just your logo....

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My Favorite Photographers

I have a list of my favorite photographers whose sites I go to when I need inspiration.  I share it with you all and  I highly recommend these pros to any photographer wanting to expand his or her horizons and get inspired to create and come up with new ideas.   I...

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Party Idea: A Silly Photo Session

I had a wonderful time the other day at a friend's party and I thought of sharing the idea with everyone. I don't know about you, but I always like to have a happening during my parties.  It seems to bring everyone together and it makes the party more fun.  So here is...

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