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Celebrity Photos

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Photographs of Celebrities

As a professional Event Photographer, I am lucky to have many opportunities to photograph celebrities around the San Francisco Bay Area. Some of these celebrities I have worked with on professional photo shoots, but many of them are exactly what they look like: candid celebrity photos. What fun! To see more photos of each person, visit their gallery pages:

Jackson Browne

Peter Coyote

MC Hammer

Dana Carvey

Rodney Medeiros

Gavin Newsom

Spencer Christian

Kathrina Miranda

Lemmy Constantine

Andy Allo 


San Francisco photographer Tanya Constantine works with leading Bay Area modeling and talent agencies, providing professional portrait photography and headshots, working with models and actors.

Tanya travels all over Sonoma, Napa and Marin Counties, as a professional winery photographer. She is an avid yogi and is known for her gorgeous yoga photography!

Call 877-263-4488 or Contact Tanya to schedule your professional photo shoot or headshots with Tanya Constantine Photography.

“Tanya is the reason I am what I am.  When she discovered me ten years ago I was a government employee in a windowless office.  Her photos have proven the commercial power of my image upon which I am building an amazing career as a model and actress.  Because of her photos, I have been ranked on IMDb #13 out of 2000+ actors…

Mahal Montoya

model and actress: