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Tango Dance Photos

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Tango Photography by Tanya Constantine

I did this Tango photo shoot at Christy Coté’s Verdi Milonga in San Francisco.  Christy had gotten a large group together, and I took shots of every couple… about 14 couples, so it was intense.  My assistant Heather Hryciw had a lot to do, setting up the lights, the white seamless, organizing the dancers.  What a fun job, I have!  And then I took some Argentine Tango classes with David Caditz and that led to us doing a couple of other Tango photo shoots.  The black background really works.  It’s so theatrical!  I’m looking forward to the next tango dance shoot!

Tango photographer Tanya Constantine specilizes in creative dance photography throughout the Northern California Bay Area. She loves photographing various dance and movement artists.

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