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I had a wonderful time the other day at a friend’s party and I thought of sharing the idea with everyone. I don’t know about you, but I always like to have a happening during my parties.  It seems to bring everyone together and it makes the party more fun.  So here is the idea.  It’s a little like a photo booth, but without the booth.  You dedicate a space in the room for a photographer to shoot your friends being silly in front of the camera.  You can be one person, two people, three people, or a whole group of people being silly, and the photographer (who has to be a cool person!) snaps shots that are so funny that everyone laughs and ends up topping everyone else.  It really works well when there’s a bottle of wine or whatever people like to drink, because people get loose and make the silliest faces.  I had such a good time that evening, that I want to try it myself!  I am actually a photographer and I’d love to do this with you.  My site is: https://www.tanyaconstantine.com or call me at (877) 263-4488 to schedule one of these!