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Photography: How to pose to get the best photos

Photography tip: How to pose to get your best shots

How do models learn how to get the best out of their image?  Practice, practice, practice.  What else is new?  It’s always the way to go: to practice.

First of all, where does one stand in front of the camera?  Slightly in diagonal.  Your whole body must be in diagonal, not just the chest.  If you don’t move your feet, there will be tension – subtly – that shows throughout the body, including the shoulders, neck and head.  So the head is slightly to one side with the shoulders in diagonal.  The gaze is best when it’s straight into the lens, with the chin low.  When you bring your chin down, your eyes get bigger.  Try it in the mirror.  Lift your chin and see how your eyes get smaller.  Lower your chin and see how your eyes get bigger.  That says it all.

Second of all, NO FAKE SMILES!  I just have to say that in the model will laugh, because it’s kind of funny to hear, and bam! I take the shot.  That way, it’s a natural smile.