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Tip For Dance Photos: It's All In The Timing!

Photographing dancers is a timing thing.  I was a ballet dancer in my youth, so I have an understanding of how movement works, and when to click to catch the best image possible.  The trickiest thing is to click at the right time, which is at the end of the extension of the movement. So if it’s a step into an arabesque, you want to catch the shot right at the end of the step, when the arms are totally extended and the leg is as high as it goes.  It may take a few times before you time it correctly, but it works marvels.  If you have a model who is performing for the photos, you can use counting to sync your shot.  So 1, 2, 3 go! And you click on go! You got to be fast.  It takes practice. You won’t get it immediately, but keep trying. And don’t get impatient.  Keep shooting!  And if you want a pro to do your dance photos, call me at 877-263-4488 to schedule a photo shoot.